Dear Friends of St. Alphonsus,

As you have heard before, St. Alphonsus is a great teacher of prayer.  One question I hear, as I work with men who are deepening their prayer:  "How do I know where I am, in my growth through prayer?"   Always a tough question to answer, I thought we could turn to St. Alphonsus for some help with this.

If you are interested, please join a few of us for a group session of spiritual direction.  We will gather at St. Patrick’s monastery on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.  We will start with a discussion of the guide for confessors, "Direction of Souls Who Wish to Lead a Deeply Spiritual Life."  Here St. Alphonsus introduces us to a synthesis of writing from the great spiritual writers up to his time.  I know that you are dedicated to your prayer life and I know that we can all learn by sharing together our experiences and reflections on this theme. Then we will attend Mass at St. Patrick’s.  Some of you know Noel, who will be serving in the sacristy at that 5:00 Mass.  Then we can share in a supper together after Mass.

Sunday March 11th

2:30 pm     Please feel free to arrive between 2:30 and 3:00

3:00            Input and sharing experiences of spiritual growth

4:30            Prepare for Mass

5:00            Sunday Mass at St. Patrick church

6:15            Supper at St. Patrick monastery

?:??            Depart at your leisure

If you are interested in joining us for all, or for a part of this gathering, then let me know by using the contact information below.  I will email you some writing by St. Alphonsus the week before the gathering.


Rev. David Purcell C.Ss.R.
Toronto, Ontario